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15 Questions To Ask Your Realtor Agent

Choosing the right realtor to represent your interests is a very important step to ensuring your real estate transaction is a smooth one. Listed below are 15 questions every prospective seller should ask their realtor. If the realtors you are interviewing fall short, can't substantiate or avoid your questions in anyway, you're are interviewing the WRONG realtor! And be sure the realtors can back up any and all statements. Ask them to "show you"! Don't be shy this could be the most important business decision of your life! After all, if you could be working with the BEST, why would you work with anyone else!

  1. How long have you been selling real estate?
  2. How many homes do you sell a year?
  3. What is your average time on the market versus the Multiple Listing Service?
  4. Where do you rank in your office? Where do you rank in your area? For how many years?
  5. Where do you rank in your company... locally, internationally?
  6. How strong is your name recognition in the market area?
  7. What percentage of accepted contracts close? What percentage fall apart?
  8. What is your marketing plan?
    • Where and how often will you advertise our home?
    • Do you advertise on television?
    • Do you advertise on the Internet?
  9. What lead generation systems do you have to develop an inventory of buyers for your listings?
  10. How many full-time assistants do you have? Do you have a listing coordinator, a closing coordinator, a office coordinator?
  11. Do you have enough leads to require buyer's agents?
  12. Do you provide us with written activity reports of the showings and realtors and prospective buyer comments?
  13. Will you give us your professional opinion on how to prepare our home for showings?
  14. Do you use the same pricing strategies that an appraiser will use when we get a contract on our home?
  15. Do you have a list of references that we may call?